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Syracuse Car Starters

Week 09 for a free and democratic Iran

News Prisoners

  • Darioush Jalali student jailed in hunger strike and thirst, transferred Sunday to the hospital.
  • Mohsen Dokmechi suffering from pancreatic cancer in terminal phase, was transferred to the infirmary Rajai Shahr.
  • Saman Farhan, arrested February 14, transferred to Evin.
  • Hanieh "Sharareh" FARSHA Shotorban , arrested in July 2010 in Tabriz for using Facebook, transferred to Evin methadone block.
  • Last Thursday, Nabavi Zia was transferred from the Karoon prison in Ahvaz to an unknown destination.
  • Pourya Naderi, arrested on February 14, transferred to Evin.
  • Abdollah Ramezanzadeh transferred to the block 2 A Evin.
  • Siamak Sohrabi , Sharif University student arrested on March 1 is transferred to Evin.
B-Arrest / Imprisonment
  • Karroubi Mousavi and transferred to an unknown location since last Thursday night. On Monday, we learned that they are at the disused prison Heshmatyeh. The presence of Vahid, the right arm of Khamenei is reported during the arrest of Karroubi.
  • Mahsa Amrabadi , journalist and wife of Massoud Bastani also imprisoned journalist, was arrested during the protests.
  • Astuvari Saman arrested in Kerman.
  • Shahin Attar soldier contingent serving in Evin is arrested for showing too much kindness to the prisoners.
  • Ali Bayani, a student activist at the University of Qazvin, arrested.
  • Bohran Fattahi Kurdish activist, arrested on Monday in Marivan.
  • Gehfori Mokhtar, Kurdish activist, arrested on Monday in Paveh.
  • Peyman Gholami author and translator, was arrested Feb. 14 is in Evin.
  • Ali Gholampour arrested Feb. 14 in Babol.
  • Gol Amir, a student at Sharif University, order at its meeting.
  • Sadegh Hassani , Kurdish activist arrested Monday Saqqez.
  • Assad Hosseinpanah Ghorwa arrested Sunday.
  • Reza Izadi , professor at the University of Ghazvin, has disappeared.
  • Djahadi Shahin, civil rights activist, arrested during the demonstrations.
  • Peyman Kashfi, Baha'i, began serving his sentence Tuesday.
  • Hossein Kasra, Kurdish militant arrested Monday in Marivan.
  • Khalass Mohammad, Kurdish activist, arrested on Monday in Paveh.
  • Davoud Khanamoui , member of the National Islamic Front of Tabriz arrested.
  • According to Amir Arjomand, Khatami also be under house arrest.
  • Hamid Reza Mohammadi soldier contingent serving in Evin is arrested for showing too much kindness to the prisoners.
  • Fakhrolsadat Mohtashamipour 's wife Tadjzadeh, arrested Tuesday during the demonstrations.
  • Vafa Moradi, Kurdish activist arrested Monday in Saqqez.
  • Mohammad Nourizad returns (already) in jail Saturday night.
  • Hiwa Peshekian, Kurdish militant arrested Monday in Marivan.
  • Heydar Rostami, Kurdish activist, arrested on Monday in Paveh.
  • Rahmani, Iranian journalist jailed in most cases, re-arrested.
  • The Doctor Abdollah Ramezanzadeh , who was released on bail, is back in Evin for refusing to say that recent calls to protest were illegal.
  • Soheil Rohandeh soldier contingent serving in Evin is arrested for showing too much kindness to the prisoners.
  • Fereydoun Rad Saeedi, Karroubi camp, arrested Feb. 14 at Arak.
  • Student activist Milad Taheri stopped.
  • Mohammad Talebi , university student with no history of Mashhad Khayam policy adopted Tuesday.
  • Siavash Tchetghar arrested Feb. 14 in Babol.
  • Zabangeoher Shahin, Kurdish activist, arrested on Monday in Paveh.
  • Student activist arrested Danial Zargarian .
  • Another Baha'i arrested Salman Shahr.
  • 2 arrests Tuesday Saqqez.
  • The former MP Shahrbanou Amani released on bail of 150 million toman Wednesday.
  • Gholamhossein Arshi released Wednesday at the end of his sentence, he was arrested in December 2009.
  • Students Ebrahim Askafy was released Wednesday.
  • Hassan Rezai , spokesman for the Campaign for Equality, released Monday.
  • Roshanzamir Payman, journalist and blogger, who was released on bail after two months of detention at the prison Karun Ahvaz.
  • Mojtaba Shayesteh, released on bail Sunday, he was arrested Feb. 12.
D-Other News
  • Ali Afshar Orumieh in prison in solitary confinement for three months, he is paralyzed from the 2 arms and received Five gunshot wounds.
  • The Ministry of Information ordered the judges to increase pressure on Mahdieh Golrou, Bahareh Hedayat and Majid Tavakoli .
  • Serious concerns about the health of Hakemipour Hakim.
  • journalist imprisoned Nazanine Khosravani could receive visits from his family.
  • journalist Maziar Khosravi , just released from prison, had a heart attack Sunday.
  • Mehdi Mahmoudian sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, resisting pressures to put him in opposition.
  • Student activist Abdollah Momeni has not been visited for over 9 months, 3 of his four lawyers were imprisoned.
  • Foad Aram and Zandi arrested in Sanandaj.
  • Rafsanjani's nephew attacked the grave of his mother.
  • 59 political prisoners from Rajai Shahr begin Tuesday a hunger strike to support the fight the Iranian people.
  • There were 55,000 new prisoners a year and a half in Iran, there are currently 220,000 prisoners to 85,000 seats.
  • Iranian Academicians call for UN Secretary-General for the release of green leaders.
News injustice in Iran
  • student of the University of Durham, Ehsan Tabrizi Abdeh was sentenced to 5 years in prison on appeal: 2 years for insulting the Supreme Leader and 3 years for having protested outside the Iranian embassy in London.
  • Payam Aghzani was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and a fine because he is Baha'i.
  • Allaleh Khalil, Kurdish activist sentenced to prison Monday Oroumyeh.
  • Ravan Batry , Kurdish activist, sentenced to prison Monday Oroumyeh.
  • Behadori Hamid, a militant Kurdish Oroumyeh executed Monday.
  • After 22 years in prison, the system determines the amount of bail for the release of Fereydoun Jaafari 20 million toman, the family can provide only 17, he remains in prison.
  • Ensari Said, Kurdish activist, executed Monday Oroumyeh.
  • Behzad Henare, Kurdish activist, executed Monday Oroumyeh.
  • Navid Khanjani was sentenced Wednesday.
  • Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, leader of the Democratic Front of Iran, had his sentence reduced on appeal from September to July years in prison.
  • two floggings in public Tabas.
  • nine executions in the prison of Oroumyeh Monday, 7 Kurdish and Azeri 2.
  • 5 executions in Bam and 2 Djiroft Tuesday.
  • 3 hangings at the prison in Shiraz Adelabad Tuesday.
  • Mohammad Alai, 24 hanged Wednesday in Isfahan.
  • Ardebil Attorney announced that there will be 4 public hanging for drug trafficking serve as an example, no date is set.
  • The trial of 189 dervishes Gonabad begins this week Boroudjerd.
  • 200 students in Shiraz sentenced to two semesters of suspension.
Iran's economy
  • Children Khamenei involved in a corruption case involving the development of the railway.
  • China will invest 2.5 billion dollars to develop the Azadegan oil field in South.
  • missing $ 32 billion in budget subsidy reform.
  • imports amounted to 87 billion whereas the black market is 19 billion.
  • 2.6 billion of contracts to the Revolutionary Guards.
  • 150% increase for tours abroad.
  • 50 radiology centers on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Over 1,400 workers of the subcontractor's factory in Tabriz Petrochemical strike.
  • 300 workers at the refinery in Abadan and 60 municipal employees Abadan dismissed.
  • Les Echos reported that the notables of the regime are beginning to transfer their assets to Chinese banks to escape the Western embargo.
  • Official statistics say that over 53% of the urban population lives below the poverty line.
  • Parhoon The workers on strike in Sanandaj for 5 months of unpaid wages.
  • green Mothers of Iran calling for protest on Tuesday 1st March.
  • 300 workers at the refinery in Abadan dismissed for participating in demonstrations.
  • University of Tehran, students and teachers, on strike to protest against the killing and imprisonment of Mousavi and Karroubi.
  • 1800 workers Tabriz Refinery Tuesday continued their sit-in that lasted for three days.
  • Highlights of Tuesday's events: many participants are highly motivated in many cities, Tehran, of course, but Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Yazd, Rashdi, Kermanshah, Tabriz, Karaj, Ahvaz, Kerman
  • Presence of many adolescents in law enforcement, some as young as 13 or 14 years. Most adults as for them, wearing masks to hide their faces for.
  • Also new: the presence of Basij Women, as wild as their male counterparts.
  • The number of arrests is difficult to estimate: between 78 and 2000 according to sources.
  • Cities that have chosen to hold vigils have been less violence and arrests: Isfahan and Kermanshah.
  • Many schools have been transformed into a place of detention.
  • Several shots were fired, the security forces also use paint balls to identify the protesters to adopted later.
  • In Tehran, several protesters arrested were handcuffed to the gates that separate the lanes between cars and buses and are left on display.
  • Tear gas used in Tehran seem to contain substances attacking the nerves.
  • Some detainees are transferred to military barracks, prisons are beyond capacity.
  • many expressions of support were held in all major Western cities and even in Malaysia and Japan.
  • Mothers in mourning Laleh Park calling for protest on March 8 for gender equality.
  • Normal School of Tabriz said she continues the fight.
Iran abroad
  • Revolutionary Guards had several training camps in Libya and are trying to repatriate the men and equipment.
  • Germany condemns arrest of leaders.
  • Germany summoned the Iranian charge d'affaires to protest against the arrest of green leaders.
  • 6 Greens activists arrested in Paris on Tuesday morning for pasting posters of martyrs on the residence of the ambassador of Iran, they will be released a few hours later.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, violently attack the Islamic regime to the UN. She compares it to the Libyan regime.
  • China will invest in a large dam in Iran.
  • Sweden summoned the Iranian ambassador for an explanation on the detention of leaders Greens.
  • The Foreign Office and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also requested the release of leaders Greens.
  • students write the diaspora to Khamenei.
  • The British Labour Party declared its support for Mansour Ossanlou.
  • the world ranking of press freedom, Iran ranks 175th at 178.
policy in Iran
  • Ayatollah Dastgheib demand an immediate halt to the arrest of green leaders.
  • Saturday, Ayatollah Bayat Zanjan met separately with the ayatollahs Shobeir Zanjan and Mousavi Ardebili to discuss the situation.
  • increasing pressure Karroubi cons: after the arrest of his son Ali, now it is the latter which children are targeted: they confiscated their study materials, they are 14 and 17. Councillor Mehdi Karroubi talks about being held hostage.
  • The ayatollahs Sanei, Dastgheib & Bayat condemn the arrests of families and Karroubi Mousavi.
  • Ahmadinejad would consider replacing his vice president Rahimi.
  • Zinai, spokesman of the movement for democracy in Azerbaijan, announced that his movement joined the Green movement and its struggles.
  • The association of professors and students from seminaries in Qom have condemned the arrest of leaders green.
  • The inhabitants of Qom protest against the atrocities suffered by the little son of Khomeini.
  • Mohsen Rafsanjani, the son of Ayatollah, resigned from his post as head of the Tehran metro.
New Bulk
  • 29 tons of opium seized Monday at Tehran airport, and authorities say it is a legal importation for medical purposes .
  • System Hydraulic Shoustar world heritage of humanity at risk.
  • A peddler was killed Wednesday in Sardasht by security forces.
  • Iraj Amirkhani, gold medalist in judo at the Asian Games, requested political asylum in the United States.
  • It will now be a Master to be a member.
  • The homes of grand ayatollahs Vahid Khorasani & Zanjani Shobeir equipped with surveillance cameras.
New Nasrine
  • lawyers met Saturday to Nasrine home to show him their support.
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