Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nissan Xterra Roof Rackscanada

Concert – Goodbye Diana, Honey for Petzi, Sigurd – Baloard – Head records

These are two teams that begin the evening Helvetian contrary to expectations. Sigurd, a duet post-rock/noise very digestible, very simple, just guitar / drums. An important number of pedals and a kind of barley at the foot of the guitarist who replaced support would have provided a bass. I found their ideas well worked, well brought massive passages. I'll not make it more of Tortoise as Slint via GY! BE ... I found all very addictive.

Honey for Petzi , sometimes trio guitar / bass / drums sometimes 2 x keyboard / drums, playing music influenced by the noise, post rock, electro ... A very touched Arty. For people who play an average level-less music (like me) is fucking up: a mouthful of times, etc.. An original and crazy group fucking.

Diana Goodbye, rock'n'roll group Math-play to Dom icult before a public that has long been known. We found pieces of mobile home (2006) and new songs very energetic, technical and melodic : That's good. During the first 3 quarters of the show, it's mouth, it moves the guitar, gbd really thoroughly and it's great.

Another concert Headrecords which we leave after taking a slap (3 way), a crazy world, I have never seen so many people in Baloard; a distro with good records (I I am offered a 7''on which Roe and Honey for Petzi plays songs from each other: the class), and the new china's drummer zildjian ZXT Titanium Goodbye Diana ...

A very good concert. Thx to Headrecords .

Open your ears! and Protect them!

Next: Saturday, November 18: Don Caballero + + Goodbye Marvin Diana @ Salle Jeanne d'Arc (Villeveyrac (34)) thx to Head Records


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