Monday, November 19, 2007

What Cam For 2276 Vw Sandcar

A warm meeting and to launch effective community of practice Hive

Thanks to the 35 contractors La Ruche who brought their enthusiasm and willingness to share the workshop co-creation of the charter-a wonderful time together!
bases of common Charter were raised by mutual agreement but more importantly, we met and we have already , worked together. To
resonance ideas, creativity and hearts-is not this exactly what we all want to continue, day by day in our little hive?

Congratulations to all this success thus to Aymeric Marmorat and Emmanuel Sciara for facilitating, Katia Gloger for video (it is preparing an assembly which will be posted on the blog soon), to Emilie Galan for photos and the account- record, and Michele Caleffi clip for 'One idea Hive', screened at the event and available at

For those who could not take part, or to remember the evening a report is available here .

is it again? Of course! See you at The Hive ...


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