Friday, December 21, 2007

Rhyme Birthday Four Years Old

The Christmas Gift The Hive

The Beehive at the Canal Saint-Martin, who says

A tentative agreement was reached between the co-founders of La Ruche and Olivier Laffon, the founder of MAS (Maison des Associations in the 13th district) moved to The Hive dock Jemmapes in the premises it has acquired against payment of rent. Y coexist the open spaces for social entrepreneurs in The Hive, common areas (library, meeting rooms etc..) spacious and open spaces events to external organizations around sustainable development and social innovation. A coffee bar will probably fair Full st all.

The premises are original and have good potential,
including an indoor garden and a shop with direct access to the Canal (see cons). The Republic Square is ideal e tion to a few hundred yards away.

A ren t con re today between Charlotte Hochman, Arnaud Mourot, Aymeric Marmorat, M ichel Caleffi one hand, and Olivier Laffon Robert and Fred on the other, has Consolidated agreement in principle, to be followed early in January for a second working meeting to detail, a th time the foundations laid, contract details, including the nature and timing of the renovation. We share the vision of an ecological space and innovative to serve as a 'showroom' with original features in terms of saving energy, etc..

Opening of part of premises (or about 150 200m2) would be possible in March 2008 as promised, to accommodate contractors who have a time constraint, and the rest, with common areas in the coming months. From a temporal point of view as well as space, so that's a wonderful news.

A group visit with contractors will be held during January so that everyone can own the project, and to celebrate the building stone by stone from our little hive.

The Beehive team wishes all his bees warm and peaceful holiday and a wonderful year ahead, rich encounters and discoveries!

you soon at La Ruche ...


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