Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Causes Bread To Split?

Proceedings of Board of Directors September 17, 2010

This is a report of our interventions on the board of the association of September 17, 2010:

In prior Chairman read a lengthy statement against us and this blog that calls for no Comment on our part.

We invite you to send us the text that we undertake to publish here in full.

For Approval of the minutes of the meeting of July 9, 2010 :

We know that we will vote against Approval of the minutes since we were not recipients of the writing project before the meeting.

This can be easily attached to the summons as is customary in other associations.

The Chairman said that it is twenty years that the board works well, so if you're not happy we can go elsewhere.

We hope that our comments and change requests are the next minutes.

We propose to post the minutes on the sites after their approval.

Regarding the visit of the gardens :

We all participated in four visits to the gardens.

Mr. GUÉNIER gives the President the report of the tour sites and RIESTHAL Zuckerberg.

A lack of transparency in the allocation and the conditions for withdrawal of gardens, we explain that we do not want to attend when summoned by the chairman of gardeners because and we believe this procedure is inappropriate.

We demand the establishment of a contradictory state of affairs in the award of the gardens in exchange for the deposit paid.

Thus the association and the gardener will have a record of the state is the garden shed and when the management of the parcel .

In case of conflict, deux parties disposeraient d'un constat objectif.

Notre proposition est rejetée.

Concernant le compte rendu financier  :

Nous demandons de recevoir un document de synthèse écrit sur la situation financière avant la réunion, ou au moins d'en avoir a copy at the meeting in order to comment seriously on this point.

Our request is rejected.

We we point out that Article 19 of the Statute provides for the appointment of a committee of inspection by the general meeting. It seems that the last general assembly does not have proceeded with the appointment of this commission .

We also observe that it has carried to increases in rents. However, according to Article 24 of the Constitution this decision falls within the general meeting.

other hand, we would know the cost of a shed and the depreciation thereon.

The president asked us to make a request in writing.

Water problems on the site MERTZAU II :

We have been informed by the users of the considerable increase of the water bill for 2010 on this site.

From the explanations that we have collected, these gardeners were unaware of the leak. Therefore they do not want this additional cost is attributed their .

We ask for explanations about the origin of this leak and how the association occurred to end.

The President replied that we MERTZAU II is a particular site.

According to some administrators, gardeners to water their fields in the rain. Among them are business leaders who drive a Mercedes.

Mr. Moser, who can not tell where the leak comes from, speculates that it could find its origin in the development, in the vicinity of a ground for Travellers.

Nous proposons de mettre progressivement en place des compteurs d'eau individuels, en commençant par la MERTZAU II, qui pourrait être un site pilote.

Monsieur GUÉNIER demande au conseil de le mandater pour lancer une étude de faisabilité et de coût de mise en place de compteurs individuels en collaboration avec la Ville de Mulhouse. Le conseil pourrait ainsi être mieux informé.

Il explique que plusieurs types de compteurs existent et que l'association des jardins familiaux  de SÉLESTAT, par exemple, has implemented one of these systems.

MOSER President said he will never be the president of individual water meters and invites the Council to reject this proposal . All except vote against vote for our group.

A vote follows on the choice of charging members of the MERTZAU II: 12 votes in favor. We are voting against.

Moving Workshop

The president has said that we were not there to help relocate the shop.

Ms. Fabian notes that he himself stated on July 9 that there were enough people to make the move.

Mr. Moser informed the Board he had received a proposal for a convention of the City of Mulhouse on the new premises.

Apparently there are four double-sided sheets.

Mr. MOSER us read a single clause, one or two lines of this agreement, and asks us to vote against it.

We ask for a copy of the agreement to read before we vote.

The president refuses and asks us to give him a letter.

Mr. GUÉNIER explains that any director has a moral responsibility and that we can not pass a decision on a contract can not read the contract.

Therefore we refuse to vote for or against this agreement.

President MOSER terminates abruptly at the meeting and refused to set a date for next board meeting.

We, however, other issues through various points ...


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