Sunday, December 5, 2010

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20 Grand cleaning expo willy steak and mysterious brothel

In his great modesty, Christopher did not report yesterday that something important had happened ... I can therefore return to some lines yesterday to inform you that Mr. Christopher G. has had a hand in the dough and cooked supper . Indeed, tired of jokes from his family and his friend Stallion of the Cimarron (among others) his tendency "son-in-mom-a-little-too-bad", he said that now the kitchen n would have no secrets for him. Ok, not so, but it is nonetheless last night, we were able to eat a delicious chicken crunchy sweet and sour sauce largely concocted by the Mohawk Group.

It was very good, your chicken, Christopher.
This little background allows me to follow up on this morning, which, unwilling to let it rot milk bought yesterday (to the crunchy chicken, you follow?), We decided to eat pancakes for breakfast. Unfortunately for him, this is not the sweet scent of the pancake has awakened Anthony, but the "tululudringdring" fixed telephone that is in his room. Not only person never calls on the phone, but again, never on a Sunday at 10.30am. Some respect damn it!

Moumou out of his room to let us know that "Hey galley! The owner will spend at 13:00 to visit the apartment to a student, so it must store to make it presentable." Until then, you say, there is not much problem. Well IF! Because we had expected, you see, to spend our morning at the Science Museum the old port, and not to store waste paper. If Anthony and I
We accommodate the new fast enough, the plan for the day so scaffold in the head of Christopher is now totally disrupted and spirit warms. After a few minutes, he returned to his senses. It was funny.

So here we are on track to moments of madness between the bullshit of separation walls, vacuuming, garbage out, the dishes, the cache knows what we do not store in drawers and hiding it from the chair rotten. Beside, Walibi is anything I say.


It seems that someone died so sad ...
about 13:00, our (occasional) owner arrives with a big guy with a big clump. It quickly shows the different parts before we ask whether our stay went well, if you like Montreal and blablabla. At the turn of a phrase, we suggest that we are Belgians. The large dense declares that he is also Belgian and asks us if we are "In the UCL or UWB?". Since there are only two places to study in Belgium, so we respond we just Namur.

soon as our guests through the door, We put a quick sandwich and head towards the train towards the Champs de Mars (where we find the Ukrainian team ) and Science Centre of the Old Port . On our way, we can observe 12 flakes fall. A real storm is surreal!

For $ 12, we acquired a beautiful bracelet made of paper which serves as an input for the various expo's science center. We start with the one on glass, then the one on sexuality (both temporary exhibition). After that, we go upstairs to discover the rest. We will spend a total of some 2-3 good hours passed quickly in the middle of text panels, video and interactive systems. Anthony found that all was too much of an audience of children. I think it was just really fun and interactive . But hey, it's true that they never entered into details.

entry ....

"Hey K, had a look is the mirror Maxime Cordy! "I
I found it funny: D

Hello Benedict, yes, add a little lead oxide s' it-you-please!

Here, you choose ...

We're out of places to closing time without being able to watch any / test, and decide to go for a drink. We meet to Brewers 3, a sign has already been tested with parents of Christopher. Anthony is tempted by a onion soup while Ben is struggling to finish his beer in his fishing, he said, "has a taste mold.

We come out in the cold to go take a look at the rink installed for a time in the old port. It beautiful. Prices are slightly less: $ 6 per ticket, then $ 8 skate rental, plus $ 50 deposit. So we decide to go skate ... another day ... maybe ... in addition we are cold ... and hunger.

To remedy these evils, the idea of us sustanter to Steak House (also already tested during the visit of parents Chafouine) is spreading rapidly in the group. It must be said, the description given by Christopher fancy. Indeed, who would not water at the mouth when they hear about a "too damn good steak at 13 $"... Unfortunately, we arrived in front déchantons Menu which promises, of course, a steak, but for 3 times that price. If Christopher was only to test the facility, we would probably all screwed up his mouth for 2 weeks ... But it happens that on that day, I was kindly invited to eat well, and I witnessed these prices. The mystery remains whole!

not $ 39 or $ 39, you still have to eat it ... The onion soup we have Moumou Assembly "not disgusting" as he likes to say, we decide r etourner the 3 brewers eyes a little surprised at the nice server. For a price more than nice, we eat there sauerkraut, steak and hamburgers. You have to find who ate what. It is a game absolutely stupid and pointless, but if you are reading this article, you probably do nothing else to do anyway.

That ... We are now back snug in our apartment now sad. the new Facebook profile page is hideous and Cards problems seem to extend to Europe ... All is well.


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