Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holograms On Ohio Ids

Bye bye Montreal

Well here we go! At 11:30, we closed the last time the door of our apartment towards the station Saint-Laurent to get our deposit and Berri-UQAM to take an express bus to the airport Pierre-Elliott Trudeau.

hard to accurately describe our feelings at this moment but let's say we both go home happy and sad to leave Canada. It must be said that the last three months have been busy. We found a city and a beautiful area, very cool meeting people, attended a hockey game in real life, chased Roger ate poutine - and there have survived - in short, so many things in the end, our time seems to have gone so fast!

last time so we wanted to thank everyone who supported us throughout our journey in Montreal. First, the top two Belgians course, Lorent and Ben, who proudly represent the colors of Wallonia here for another week, two Quebecers coolest of the universe, Kim and Anabelle and French troops represented by Ombeline and Raul (well, he is English, but we will not quibble, eh), William and Dawn, Jerome, Angel and Gwen (we apologize if we forgot someone). You gets off!

We wanted to thank our families and friends of the Old Continent, which have continued to send stupid stuff and deal with sudden Skype conversations during our absence. The return is in progress, do not worry!

We really enjoyed writing this blog and a little winnowing everyone. It was perhaps not always super exciting stuff to tell you, and sometimes we were just too lazy to take our feathers, but ultimately it was worth the trouble anyway! We hope you also enjoyed and occupied during your office hours!

Again, thank you all. We embrace you. See you soon!

The team caribou


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