Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Subject To Thank You Email

Hey gringo, your quiz it sucks! FLASH SPECIAL

Okay, we have not masses of articles lately! And yet there it is past stuff, it's just that we were too lazy too much work for our adventures down on paper. But the error is repaired tonight with baboulifiante publication of not one, but two or three articles. It's pure madness, I tell you.

Let's do a little back until Monday when, as we had announced last week , we planned to participate in a quiz organized in a bar. After we scored the rest of the tajine history of being calibrated, so we headed to the Brutopia around 21h, as we had agreed with the Ukrainian team and Kim. As we prepare to enter the facility, it was with surprise that we discover Ombeline and Raul, our favorite neighbors, and Jerome in the process of leaving. Our three friends decided therefore seeing us back inside.

caribou The team had donned his finest mustache for the occasion.

few minutes later, Ben's turn to arrive and Lorent company Anabelle without Kim. We will learn the next day that our truculent Quebec had the wrong day and the night passed quietly and in bed reading a book. Bravo!

22h approaching, the quiz will not delay to start and we must record the name of this great team. Providing as we are, it was some days we were just thinking about it but given the massive arrival of the French group, the initial "Caribou Ukrainian Zombie Team" has finally evolved into "International Awesome Awesome Team caribou. Note the fine evolution.

After some tests a bit crappy sound, then the quiz begins. We d├ęchantons unfortunately soon to view issues that seem much more complicated than those of last week and hopes to win glorious and free beers yucky shattered in the wake. Things get worse even when K crashes on an issue by making Harry Potter a wrong answer too quickly, so she knew right yet. Everybody also planted on the issues revolving around James Blunt, a record of cups of coffee at the con and fast food chains in the world. Ben still gloriously saved the honor of our team in gleaning a symbolic point with a quote from the film Die Hard. Well done, Michel Boujenah!

Finally, the record is meager . But despite this crushing defeat, we are nonetheless pleased to have again taste the delicious dirt on the proposed map (french fries and chicken quesadillas and we go home by subway and dry this time.

In terms of our day Tuesday, we unfortunately can not do a lot of comments yet. K and I are indeed visited the University of Lorent and Ben to realize their thrilling experience using a camera of the future. But as Moumou has not yet passed, we can not discuss in detail so as not to spoiler. At most, shall we say that our two hosts offered us refreshments for free, that the famous dentist chair inviting the subject is comfortable enough that Lorent has not recorded my results, that we were not too bad at test and that K looks stupid with a cushion on the head.


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