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High Waisted Tight Jeans

replica the attack on the residence of his family in Shiraz.

I still goodbye scenes of Ashura. I was not there, but I feel what it must have been. We were in a corner and they said what they wanted and did what they liked before our very eyes. They destroyed everything. I felt that we had people to whom we turn, we were alone. I felt that the dust was rising. We could see nothing but the plain on fire, smoke and blood. When our nephew of four or five years arrived unannounced, entering through the open door as he saw the state of our house, he ran to your father and me, eyes full of tears. He threw himself on my lap and said "Tata, what are they doing? What do they want? Tata, what happens? "I remembered the suffering of Zeynab. I wanted to cry but I did not want them to see me cry. I did everything I could to not cry. The scene is always present in my mind. I see these scenes several times a day, feeling every time suffocation caused by the crash of my chest. I can not sleep. The ball constantly present in my throat does not help me. I do not know why I can not forget ...

These are the words of my mother, a sick mother, yet in shock and unable to eat even though several days have passed since the attack on their house. Without even realizing it, she sits in a corner and cry for hours, which saddens other family members. My mother says she does not feel itself and no longer wants to talk. She says she tells me this in the hope that it helps to calm down in the near future. She does not worry but it is extremely anxious, it does not go well. My mother says my father criticism because she cried and trembled when they arrived and had lost his self control in their presence. But was it even possible? I wish my mother would be allowed to go cry to awaken the conscience of those who committed such acts. Maybe if she had cried, it would have minimized his sentence and he would have been easier to bear all this injustice.

My father no longer has neither sleep nor peace of mind since that day. He tries to soothe and calm the other family members. He even tries to encourage him. It is quieter than usual for him and he keeps all his recent pain. I fear it may be hospitalized again in the coming days. My Both parents have become anxious in recent years and all this stress has caused them all sorts of physical illnesses. In the same way they learned to speak out against injustice and do not show fear or weakness, they have borne the stress of the day, knowing full well that their health would suffer. They stood firm for fear that the attackers engaged in a campaign of terror against a mother and a sick father did manage to terrorize them and promote their goals. My parents do not make policy. At the peak of my years of study, it has often happened that we disagree, In the same way they were with me when I suffered injustice and abuse and they supported me after my arrest in 2008, they are now at my side. Their only desire now is to make sure I'm still firm and strong. Today, they worry that to me and me, my only concern is them. Believe that these despots hate? After all the arrests, indictments, these threats, those months of isolation, exile, after this issue trumped up against me, now they have the audacity to move the pressure to impose on those I loves.

Wednesday, January 5, around de8h30 morning, several people broke into the house of my father in Shiraz. Their conduct was aggressive. They would ignore all respect for humanity and have placed our house ransacked. They confiscated all the papers, documents, leaflets, books, computers, CDs, etc ... They broke the locks on the closets, looked under carpets and sofas, shelves and drawers laying on the ground and ensuring that nothing remained in its place. They took whatever they found, including documents including one of my brothers needs to prepare his entrance exam to university. They even confiscated all the research papers and school projects from my other brother who is about to finish a semester at the university. Needless to say both are in disarray.

That day, my parents were home alone. The Intelligence Ministry agents knowing that my parents do not have a policy seeking my elder brother who is more informed. They contacted by phone and called my older brother that Ministry of Intelligence (known by the name of No. 100) in Shiraz. They explained that if he could not very soon, our parents would also be arrested. My brother came to the intelligence ministry shortly after 11:00 and ministry officials have finally left our house. My brother was questioned for five or six good hours. They asked why my father had met Mr. and Mr. Karroubi Nourizad. They wanted to know why my fellow students came to the house, why Mohtashamipour Madame was at home two weeks ago. They wondered why my parents had spoken to Mr Mousavi and Karroubi and ladies Rahnavard Ebadi and when we talked on the phone at home. They asked why messages of support and encouragement we managed without stopping the world. They wanted to know why letters and postcards were addressed to us by Iranians and non-Iranians. They asked why the statements of political prisoners continued to be published and wanted to know who wrote them. They wanted to know all the contacts from my family and myself. In short, they threatened us as much as possible and demanded that my brother had no contact with anyone and he stops to comment on my situation in prison. In the end, they made him sign a statement saying that accepted all the above. I do not know if all this was done to intimidate my family so that it ceases all contact with the outside world and decide to grant interviews or if they wanted me to make clear what they had said to many times: they can hurt me if they want. I know that I will never hold my tongue, I will ignore their demands, leading to even more punishment, the story is far from over.

I'm not writing this letter to add to the pain and suffering the painful stories I've already done for years, but to express a clear and precise application to my friends. I do not ask because I want to strengthen the conduct of those who believe they can govern by violence, intimidation and fear, but rather to protect the health and well-being of my family by providing them some peace and rest for a while at least. So I ask for now, my friends, students, journalists and even political and social activists and leaders of the green movement in Iran not to contact my family and work together to ensure that no interview is granted . Even if the consequences this silence is bitter and difficult to bear, it will give my family a peace of mind on what I will do. As always, I thank my friends, especially students convened by the Disciplinary Board of the University for a short visit to my family. I understand that they risk the ban to continue their studies and I am eternally grateful. I ask everyone to pay attention and respect that request.

I understand that such a declaration, such a request is inconsistent with my character and my previous statements, however, the situation now leaves me no other choice. It is without doubt your story of fascist attacks, brutality, inhumane and immoral conduct on the part of a government that continues to repeat his conduct is based on moral and divine teachings. While all this bitterness and these difficulties is the fault of the government in place, making me responsible, I do not want to create unfavorable conditions for my family and force them to endure the days even more bitter and difficult. I ask all my friends understand the situation we find ourselves, it being understood that this application does not prevent them from taking reasonable steps. I realize that we need to criticize extreme demands, selfish, indulgent, immoral, inhumane and mean but I do not think mine is among them. If appropriate action had been taken when I talked to several extreme pressure against my family if we had acted before the attack against the residence of my family before my parents did patients been threatened, before my brother is illegally summoned only if appropriate action had been taken before their revolting tricks before they threaten us if we do not just be quiet, if only, instead of us fighting each other we were focused on successful campaigns on rallies to support prisoners and their families, if only ....

In conclusion, I would reiterate that my family is not afraid to face difficulty. It is my request, not theirs. I know even more difficult days ahead and we will make this journey we started together until the end. My family, after my second release in June 2008 allowed me to continue to campaign. I am absolutely certain that the biggest supporter on this trip will even our families.

If the pain of those killed and arrested did not torture my mother if my mother had not cried in pain for the people of his country, then, perhaps, as some of our friends, I would have thought that I was leaving my country and I could not find justification for the continuation of my activism or to participate in demonstrations. Today, there is one thing I am certain: this mother and father who always supported me throughout my life will continue to do so in the future. The only thing I am able to do now is to express the demand for their well-being and in doing so hope that my friends take my request into consideration.

Majid Tavakoli / Rajai Shahr Prison Prison
January 2011

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