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profile prisoners - Alieh Eghdam Doust

Alieh Eghdam Doust, feminist, was the first in Iran to be imprisoned for his activities on women's rights. She has over 60 years. She was a teacher but was ousted after years of teaching in the revolution of 1979. It was 6 years imprisoned in the early 80s. His arrest was a pretext collaboration and adherence to Modjaheddins the People (MKO).


Alieh Eghdam Doust was arrested on June 12, 2005 for participating in a peaceful place Hafte Shooting in Tehran with other feminists [NDT: demonstration organized by the One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality Male / Female]. She was released after one week after refusing to post bail. She was again arrested at her home in Fuman All 29 January 2009 and was transferred to Evin prison to serve a sentence of 3 years.

Charges and convictions

Alieh Eghdam Doust was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison and 20 lashes by the 15th of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran sentence reduced on appeal to three years in prison for participating in the peaceful demonstration on 12 June 2005, described as " disturbing public order and acting against national security. "


Alieh Eghdam Doust is the general block women from Evin prison since the beginning of his sentence. He was denied any temporary release, she has no family life since the death of his mother. It is reported that March 27, 2010, she would read the history of March 8 in the women's section of Evin prison. She was transferred because of it in solitary confinement for a week and a awaits retrial.

On 10 November 2010, Alieh Eghdam Doust was transferred to solitary confinement for opposing the transfer of political prisoners in methadone block, a block reserved for dangerous criminals. She stayed a week.



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