Monday, February 28, 2011

Terrible Pain In Right Leg

ARTE Reportage: the green movement

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February 11, 2011. When where Mubarak leaves office in Egypt, thousands of Iranians marched through the streets of Tehran chanting their support for the Egyptian people freed from the dictator.

Return of the green movement? Not really ... Those who are demonstrating in the streets of the Iranian capital are the thugs of the regime, the Basij. And February 11 is the anniversary of the Islamic republic.

Opponents of the plan, the "green", are forced to follow the Egyptian revolution in television, rage in his heart. And for good reason, since the major events of 2009, hit a massive crackdown on youth who had dared to challenge President Ahmadinejad. : Show trials, imprisonment, torture. The "green" no longer dared to protest.

Yet, carried by the shock wave that has shaken some of the Arab-Muslim world, they will invest in new pavement, February 14. The manifestation of Valentine turns running political demands. Again, the system will stop the urge to violently democracy: the suppression will be two deaths.
A Reportage ARTE team was able to follow some young opponents, advocates "green", which have been in prison, torture or fear of being arrested. Between the desire to resume the street and fear for their lives, they observe, torn, all these countries one by one, make the revolution. A revolution is forbidden to them.


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